Monday, October 12, 2009

Create Your Own Outfit

Here's another great website that lets you explore different outfit options, shop fashion websites, and create your own look online.  It's called Polyvore, and not only is it useful when trying to put an outfit together, but it is also fun!  Members can search through the clothing, shoes, and accessories databases and click on the pieces that they are interested in.  Once you click, the website will tell you how much the item costs, where to buy it, and what pieces to mix it with.  You can also explore different looks including trends of the moment and celebrity-inspired outfits.  The fun part comes in when you create your own outfit.  By clicking and dragging the pieces you like into a box, you can make your own looks and publish them on the site.  Polyvore is a great website that lets you put together your own outfit, and then buy it directly online.  So cool!
Visit the site and become a member at:


  1. Katie - what a fun site! You're the expert...what do you think of my first stab at it??

    xoxo Annie

  2. It looks great, Annie! One-shouldered dresses always look great, and the blue shoes and yellow jacket really compliment each other. Love the outfit!!!